Mythic Raid Required Addons

Use Add-ons,
Kill Bosses

This is the main list of addons for our raid team. Every raider is expected to use these addons as they are presented on this page.

Failure to do so can lead to being guild kicked so be mindful and if you have questions please speak to an officer or the GM.

Mythic Progress Addons

  • (REQUIRED) Either DBM or BigWigs – your choice.
  • (REQUIRED) Voicepack for DBM or BigWigs – base voice packs are the best, but feel free to experiment with whatever options you choose. But HAVE a voicepack!
  • (REQUIRED) Method Raid Tools – this will have the raid note which we use for assignments and raid cooldowns.
  • (REQUIRED) Weakauras – apart from the addon itself, get the full pack for the current raid’s bosses. This is found on and we’re also happy to share the link for whoever is in doubt. Also we share weakauras during the raid.
  • (REQUIRED) GTFO – we don’t trust you not to stand in the fire. It’s as simple as that. If you die from standing in the fire, we will check if you have GTFO and ask you to install it.
  • (REQUIRED) Plater – while in the past we’ve let people decide what nameplates they were using – Kui, ElvUI plates and others, it’s become more and more obvious that plater is the superior choice – even with the basic configuration, Plater shows you more information than any other nameplate addon. It works fine in conjunction with ElvUI so you don’t have to go out of your way to make changes to it. It also has tons of presets on if you want to further customise it.
  • (REQUIRED IF NO BETTER WAY IS FOUND FOR MASTER LOOT IN DRAGONFLIGHT) RCLootCouncil – If you want gear, you need to install and use this addon when we distribute the loot. If you don’t have it installed, you risk missing out on the loot.
  • (REQUIRED FOR M+) Mythic Dungeon Tools – If you’re gonna do Mythic+, you should be able to view routes that we link. If you’re just doing M+ with pugs, we obviously don’t care what you use. Still – it’s a great addon to have.
  • (REQUIRED FOR SIMS) SimulationCraft – This is an indispensable tool to sim your gear. It allows you to find out what the best upgrades are based on your current gear. If you’ve never run a sim and need help doing so, please let the GM or one of the officers know so we can help.
  • (REQUIRED ONLY WHEN ASKED BY GM+Officers) XPractice – some bosses have certain specific mechanics like Painsmith or Fatescribe. These mechanics can be practiced using this addon, so if a fight requires it, we will ask you to use it to practice outside raid hours. This typically requires like 10-20 minutes of repeats of the same mechanic to get it down right.