Dragonflight Preseason Madness

On the 28th of November it was time for a change, a well deserved farewell to the Shadowlands and a new beginning on Azeroth. As everyone was waiting for the zeppelin bound for the Dragon Isles to arrive, cleaning their bags, dropping old quests and disabling non working addons, our guild had a pre-expansion Guild Meeting where we discussed what we were going to do once we reached level 70. There were 2 hours left on the clock when the meeting concluded, 50 people online in the guild and excitement was brewing. So long Shadowlands! You were not kind to us.

Server time finally hit 00:00 – the NPC spawned and the progress bar for the zeppelin appeared.

On our server, the zeppelin arrived safe and sound and we proceeded to the upper deck. Time for the loading screen. After a couple of minutes holding our breaths on the longest ever loading screen, the game loaded – we were there on The Forgotten Shore.

Like a hurricane we picked up the quests, did the intro and for 10 minutes we felt like we were in heaven. And then…

Of course we had lag. At least most of my party did. Out of 5 brave adventurers in my party, it was just me and Havoctav who were still connected, everybody else was struggling with World Server Down messages and overall a bad taste in their mouths as they were impatiently trying to log back in the game. The issues lasted for a good hour before we were all back ingame. By this time most younglings went to bed and we proceeded to level 70 which we hit early in the morning.

First one to ding 70 in our guild was Holymoly who we did a slow clap for – too bad he wasn’t on Discord to hear it.

Clippy (Raid Leader) followed soon after as he wanted to get some shut eye  before starting the grind – weakling.

Exciter got sleep deprived again and streamed for 31+ hours reaching level 70 with a tired smile on his face.

Weeks 1 & 2 - Wrathion, Sabelian and Keys - oh my!

They thought the first weeks are going to be boring…

They thought they won’t grind…





The first weeks were actually kind of fun. We finally got to experiment with professions more than we could on the Beta, we harpooned all them lunkers and some of the Romanian lads even learned how to pronounce the word Recipe.

Another pleasant surprise was having people with War Mode ON around to get some Bloody coins and some extra rewards for the world quests which are now bi-weekly – another amazing change we veterans received with open arms.

We also managed to grab some early strong items by farming Cobalt Assembly and Wrathion/Sabellian reps. All optional… or was it?

To our surprise we had about 40 people signed up for the first raid commencing on week 3, so that 398 cape and 380+ gear will make a difference for the initial selection. Survival of the fittest. Of course this will be soon be replaced by M+ gear so people will still have a chance to catch up if they didn’t bother farming.

Glory of the Dragonflight Dungeon Hero

Not having any challenging content in the first week didn’t stop us from finding one. As we started our 2nd week of Mythic Zeros, we decided to attempt the Glory achievement which we usually do at the end of the expansion. We started with Brackenhide Hollow. All seemed easy, apart from a couple of tricky achievements but we were on our way to getting our Glory snail that same evening. And then we reached the last dungeon which was Uldaman.

We reached the final boss and read the achievement.

Seems easy enough – we all said. What do we need to do? Exciter asked with a relaxed voice. Soak all puddles that the boss drops – Kitfisto replied.

We started the encounter and realised the boss was doing a pushback while the puddles were dropping and said puddles also spawned under already existing puddles.

We spent 2 hours before we realised we lacked the DPS to push him. We left it like that and thought to ourselves that we should probably wait for week 3 to do it, to essentially cheese the mechanic with M+ gear which would give us the DPS to compensate.

A couple of days later I was watching Preach and saw him do it with 340 ilvl. Bare in mind we were 375+. They did however use 4 DPS and a tank which made me contact Kitfisto, showed him what I saw and decided to give it another go on Monday, 2 days before week 3.

Monday evening we gathered, rushed to the end of Uldaman and 1 hour worth of wipes later, the geek screams were real! We downed the boss and saw our Glory achievement pop up. None of us were streaming, but we made sure to go to Valdrakken and take a few screenshots of what felt like a mini Cutting Edge.

Hats off to the lads that were there – you were great and I can’t wait to get our first Cutting Edge together.


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