January ’23 Roundup & Something NEW!

As we started the first week of Path 10.0.5, we look back on our January progress. During this month, our guildies reluctantly went back to work on their IRL jobs, which means their time in WoW suddenly became more valuable, as there was less of it. Progress however was not affected. Our Raid team was signed up on the calendar and had their consumables ready to forge forward and kill Terros.

Before killing the big mountain dude with the big hole in the middle, we did our best to optimise our gear, as this was a bit of a DPS check which our guildies pointed out in the most rational way:



Against all odds we demonstrated that it could be done by doing something no raider has thought about before: Getting the boss’s HP down to 0 while keeping the team’s HP above 0. I know… Who would have thought about it?

Enjoy the kill video, then keep on reading.

Hall of #Shame

I am proud to announce the upcoming launch about our newest guild project: The Hall of #Shame.

In the year of our Lord C’thun, 2023, World of Warcraft has been around for almost 20 years. During that time a lot of players became heroes, others became ninja looters, some became leaders and a disturbing majority became utter assholes.

In this section we will pay homage for those few twats that wound up in our guild during our tenure and either quit or were /gkicked and the stories and reasoning behind it.

This content should go live some time during February, so check back soon™ as we have a long list to go through.


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