Mythic Raid Progress Rules

Play Hard,
Avoid Toxicity

This is the main list of rules for our raid team. Every raider is expected to follow them to the letter.

Failure to do so can lead to being guild kicked so be mindful and if you have questions please speak to an officer or the GM.

Mythic Progress Rules

  1. Calendar sign-ups – must be done prior to the raid – use tentative if not sure, but let us know in advance when you find out if it’s a yes or no. Also if you sign up as Late, do let us know how late you are going to be.
  2. Raid invites start at 19:45, summons will be done before we start clearing. Raid is at 20:00 ST. If you’re late, you may have to wait for a spot to clear to get invited.
  3. Loot is done using LootCouncil – if you trade items amongst yourselves and we find out, there is a great risk of being guild kicked. We gear the raid, not the individual and you still have a say in the matter. Find out BEFORE the raid which loot you need, what bosses and preferably how big of an increase it is for you – if we’re still using RCLootCouncil, use the note to say why you want the item (ie. BIS or 150dps increase or Xmog etc)
  4. You should prep for the fight. If you don’t understand a certain mechanic ask, but if you don’t know what the boss does and you just thought you’d wing it, you will be benched.
  5. You need to have all required consumables – especially in the beginning of the expansion when we’re all farming and we don’t have the opportunity to also farm for cauldrons. Although we will do our best to provide these as soon as possible, if we can’t, it’s up to YOU to have everything you need:
    1. you NEED TO have and use Flasks,
    2. you NEED TO have and use Pots for progress(previously known as prepots),
    3. you NEED TO have and use Food,
    4. you NEED TO have and use Oils/Sharpening stones/etc on your weapons,
    5. you NEED TO have and use Armor Kits on your armor,
    6. you NEED TO have your gear Enchanted, even if you have lower tier enchants in the first couple of weeks

      If you do not have everything you need, expect us to not take you seriously in the long run and also expect us to eventually look to permanently replace you.
  6. Mythic+ is now a necessary source of gear – we expect you to have your most needed items (weapons or trinkets) in the first few weeks of the raid being launched. We don’t need you to push keys, we need you to do the keys you need for the items you need and for you to have a full Vault in the first weeks of raiding, as gear is required for progression – there is no overgeared!
  7. Communication is not optional – When we ask who made a mistake, own up to it so we don’t waste time going through logs to find out who it was. If you need a dispel, ask for it. If your interrupt is on cooldown and you need someone else to interrupt in your place, say it in advance not after the boss starts casting. Don’t be an asshole to your team mates – we’re all in this together. If you’re being toxic we will try to talk to you, but if you keep it up, you will be guild kicked.
  8. Do not miss your required Addons! We only require them to make sure that everyone is on the same page and has the same visibility of raid tactics as everyone else.
  9. For Raiding, be ready to change talents as the fight dictats, sometimes even spec. We do understand that sometimes this may mean a dps loss or a readjustment to the cooldowns and stuff, but most of the times it will prove useful to the fight, if it doesn’t, we won’t know until we try it, so be ready to adjust based on the situation.
  10. Finally, preparation is as important as the raid itself – come prepared, we’re here to help you if you need it, but don’t slack. This is not a casual guild. It’s a guild that is aiming to achieve cutting edge, that is we want to finish the hardest PvE content in the game, so make sure you understand and either align yourself to Core Raider standards or ask an officer to be demoted to either Social or M+.